The founders of USE2ACES graduated at major test pilot schools and have been involved in experimental testing at government establishments. They have held senior positions with a major aircraft manufacturer, both as experimental test pilot and in various management roles. USE2ACES was founded in 1996 after they left the aircraft manufacturing industry as experienced experimental test pilots. At the same time they joined a European airline, extending their experience even further through valuable day-to-day flying as commanders of wide-body aircraft on world-wide, long-range passenger and cargo operations.

In 2000 one of the partners retired and the remaining partner continued operational flying. Some years later this partner retired from the airline and is able to focus his full attention on USE2ACES activities. Over the recent years 2 younger engineering pilots have joined USE2ACES. These colleagues combine daily airline flying for a major carrier with other work within their carriers. The scope of their activities ranges from management (line and change management) and aircraft acceptance (both from the production line online slots as well as after heavy maintenance), to participation in various research and development activities.

The aircraft flown by USE2ACES staff span regional turboprops, narrow-body short-haul and wide-body long-haul aircraft, including both classic and modern fly-by-wire glass cockpits.

Transport Aircraft flown by the USE2ACES staff members:
Boeing 737-3/4/7/8/900; 767-200; 777-2/300; MD-11;
Douglas DC-8;
Fokker F-27; F-28; F-50 / F-60; F-70 / F-100.

The customers of USE2ACES have expressed that they consider our contributions as very useful, being based on sound engineering, certification and our vast operational background. Our company has been invited over and over again to participate in activities where the inputs from operational experts with a strong engineering background are needed. We speak the language of both the engineering and certification world as well as the language of the airline and testing pilot community.

Over the years, we have developed a valuable network in the international aviation community and our expertise is recognised and appreciated among our clients. References can be provided upon request.