USE2ACES has extensive experience in engineering and flight deck design, flight-testing and systems engineering. Currently USE2ACES is participating in several different international research and development programmes. All of the USE2ACES staff members were educated at the Technical University Delft, and received professional pilot training at KLM Flight Academy. All staff members are current, or retired, professional airline pilots performing a range of engineering and in some cases management activities. Some of us have been involved in airline crew training and aircraft acceptance at airframe manufacturer and maintenance facilities.

All of the USE2ACES staff are involved in on going aviation system modernisation activities. These activities are aiming to reduce development effort for new systems, allowing the environmentally friendly growth of the air transportation system and at the same time are intended to increase the safety of operations. The reduction of crew workload peaks as well as the inclusion of human centred engineering is necessary to reach the objectives of these different projects. Our partners in projects consider our vast operational flying experience combined with our sound engineering background as extremely valuable expertise towards achieving the objectives.

This experience gives USE2ACES a unique appreciation of the challenges faced by the operators, industry, aviation authorities and other members of the aviation community.