AVTECH, Use2aces and CertifFlyer entered the contract with a starting date in July 2011 with the aim to support Clean Sky/NLR with preparation execution and analysis of a flight simulator experiment at NLR. The experiment is a part of a validation of a FMS software for Multi Parameter Guidance - Time and Energy Managed Operations (MPG-TEMO). Part of this task is to have line pilots flying the simulator under a three week period, evaluating the functionality and the associated new HMI. The MPG-TEMO algorithm and the HMI (telling the pilot when to do certain actions and situational awareness of Time and Energy during descend) are developed by NLR and Technical University of Delft.

NOCONDES test and certification pilots have been able to look at the systems (“Shakedown”). The consortium has identified approximately 20 airline pilots that have expressed their interest to participate to make this Clean Sky initiative successful.