Wim Huson Eric Kruijsen Vincent Steinmetz


USE2ACES, the aviation consulting firm founded in 1996 and initially led by two experimental test pilots, has expanded! Our team now comprises a total of 3 active pilots who have combined scientific work and research test flying with one of the leading aircraft manufacturers, an aerospace research establishment and day-to-day flying with two different European airlines for more than four decades. Most of us have been exposed to airline flight-technical, flight safety and incident investigation work.

At this moment 2 of us operate on a daily basis on different modern transport aircraft operating on short- and medium-haul throughout Europe and the Near Middle East as well as on long-haul routes around the whole globe. Our junior team member is current as first officer on European short haul operations. Finally one of the founders has now retired from active airline flying and experimental test flying. He shares his 40 years of experience with the other team members to guarantee the best possible product for our customers.

 Through this added expertise, USE2ACES has extended its solid aerospace background and ensured that we have continued operational expertise from line operations with the latest aircraft. Our expertise is based upon thorough academic training (all staff members working with USE2ACES have studied at the prestigious Delft University of Technology) and upon professional knowledge and experience, built up during many years with one of the leading aircraft manufacturers and with major European airlines in both narrow-body short- and medium-haul operations and wide-body long-haul operations. This experience gives USE2ACES a unique appreciation of the challenges faced by the industry, aviation authorities and other members of the aviation community.

The goal of USE2ACES’s expansion is to offer even better solutions to our clients. I do hope that you will appreciate the strength of our combined CV in future collaborations.